Monday, November 2, 2015

Why Bihar is prestige issue for BJP?

This time Mr Modi… sorry… Mr Prime Minister is not alluring Bihar and its populace by offering “Achchhe Din” rather he and his colleagues are alluring them with all such issues which really affect the State and its masses. Reservation, Development, Corruption, Scams, Employment, Casteless Society, etc., are the real issues which have been already addressed by the current ruling party. Though Bihar has the lowest literacy rate but people here are much more politically aware than any other state of the country. And, BJP and its alliance has no other choice than above mentioned issues as they know this fact very well. Most Important, alluring them with fake promises and issueless speeches are not going to yield results.

Though they have promised “Achchhe Din” to the whole country but they hardly deliver anything yet. Now they have used all sorts of tricks and pranks to motivate voters of Bihar, right from presenting scary picture of future of Bihar to what Centre can do for them. Fortunately or unfortunately voters understand these things in much better way than they considered being.

Here, one major question arises in everyone’s mind why BJP is so anxious for Bihar victory?  Do they really want to change the condition of Bihar? Do they really concern with the backwardness of Bihar? Do they really want to make Bihar a casteless Society? Do they just need hold over State? The answer of all such question is No… a Big No. Central Government could not make any major decision and could not perform even as per their plan since its formation. Because they have not adequate number of MPs in the Upper house of the Parliament and hence their only hope is Bihar. If NDA wins in Bihar their positions in Upper House may strengthen soon. This is the major reason behind BJP’s anxiety. And later on they can integrate their victory in the Parliamentary Election to be held in 2019.

Though BJP has been proclaiming a mandate and major victory in the State but nervousness could be seen in the top leadership. BJP’s campaign has been very aggressive and extensive in Bihar as compared to the recent held Maharashtra and Haryana State Elections’ campaign.  Alone Mr Prime Minister has address more than 150 rallies in the State and everywhere he put his potential to counter the ruling party because there is no issue left with him at all to counter the current Chief Minister of State. They are fighting with the best team in this election but they themselves doubt their victory with their confusing statements and body languages.