Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flop Combination for a Hit!

Do you remember in which film Big B and Saif Ali worked together earlier? It was Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s dream film “Eklavya The Royal Guard”. It was a fantastic movie in all respects. The film has great star casts, very strong screenplay, good music, songs and above all one of the greatest film makers of B’town was made it. But, nothing worked at box office. Neither the director’s name nor the Big B’s charisma pulled the viewers to the cinema. Nobody knew what went wrong and what the lacunae were. Anyway, the filmy pandits referred the main leads of the film as bad combination.

Would Jha get reward?

Once again a great film maker has casting Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan in his dream project. And, Shooting of his film is in full swing. Yeah, you are quite right we’re talking about Prakash Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’, he’s shooting this film in Bhopal. Like his earlier films this film is also addressing social issue and a huge star-cast. But, this time Prakash has dreaming bigger than ever, probably that’s why he has chosen Mr. Bachchan for the Lead. Besides, Big B there is Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and off course his new ‘Muse’ Manoj Vajpai would also share screen together. Here, question arises whether Big B and Saif Ali’s combination would work for Jha? And, would people come to the ticket counters like earlier for his another issue based cinema?

Dream Project means failure?

Before going further let’s do some talk about Vidhu’s dream film ‘Eklavya – The Royal Guard’. Though this film had been represented India in Oscar (in foreign film category) for the year 2007 but, in India this had been remained utter failure to allure crowd. No doubt all the actors have performed well. Being the director of the film Vidhu was so impressed with Big B’s performance that he had gifted a Luxury SUV to the veteran. Here, we would like to tell you one more interesting fact that Vidhu had written the film for casting Mr Bachchan only and waited for 3 years for his dates for the film, which he could get in 2006. Anyway, he made the film released but could not make it a success like Parinda and 1942 A Love Story.

Reservation for ‘Aarakshan’!

Every film maker wants to cast Mr. Bachchan in his films and in the same fashion every director dreams to direct him. After all how long could Prakash Jha have resisted him that’s too just to be different from others? So, after a series of success he decided to materialize his dream of directing Big B. For his dream project he has chosen the same stars combination as Vidhu Vinod did around 5 years ago. Here, question arises whether Big B and Saif Ali’s combination would work for Jha? Would Jha’s charisma be able to break the jinx? These are few questions whose answers we would get only after the release of the ‘Arakshan’. Otherwise Jha has tried to “reserve” his success in advance!


अभिषेक पाटनी said...

In the upcoming film of Mr Jha, Big B has replaced Nana Patekar...If Amitabh would have declined the proposal of Prakash Jha then Mr Jha would have repeated Nana in 'Aarakshan', there is no doubt about it. Lets see how this replacement helps Mr Jha at Box Office.

अभिषेक पाटनी said...

There is one more flop combination in the film. Did you remember 'Aks', Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra's this film was utter failure at box office. Big B and Manoj Bajpayee were in the lead roles besides great screenplay, music, direction and most importantly actor-duo had did their best but nothing worked at box office. Let's see what happens this time.