Thursday, February 3, 2011


If a renowned figure of Art and Culture fights MP election and does not succeeds in saving his security deposited to the Election Commission then what would you suggest him to do. We know what would be your answer but ‘He’ is too desperate for ‘RAAJNEETI’ to listen anyone. You won’t believe but you would be amazed to know what kind of efforts he’s putting in order to achieve his goal. Though he makes films (well known for his own style of films) but, he started a regional news channel in the State he has chosen for his political career.

News Channel Is Next Weapon !

Through his cinema he used to attack on whomever he wanted to and now to make his attack more penetrating he launched his regional news channel. He tried hard to affect recent assembly election but remain utter failure. If somebody asks him where his plans go wrong? He doesn’t have a fair answer for sure but, ironically he thinks that he knows the conditions of the State much better than his other counterparts. He ought to ponder when he never ever serve the state how could he dream even to win parliamentary election. He ought to ponder when he never ever serve the state how could he dream even to win parliamentary election.

Born to Rule?

Yeah it is very true that he never served the interest of the populace of State he claims his and wanted to rule over them. The best example can be quote here that in the name of real cinema he portrayed the region negatively in his recently made films. He never did a single film to rectify the image of State. The most ironic part of his film making career that he hardly gives chance to newcomers artists of Home State.

Muse for Political Mileage !

This veteran director fought election from the western region of the State and when he lost election he made a strategy to cast a renowned actor of this particular region who made a distinct place in Hindi Cinema of his own. Why did not he cast this actor in his earlier films? He tried to build image among populace of the particular region but here he did mistake again as people started asking among themselves that whether he’s doing this sort of kind act to win parliamentary election? And, his media planners are hunting answer of this ‘Yaksh Prashna’ (difficult question).

Bizarre Connections

What had been mentioned earlier is just a glimpse of what efforts the film maker is putting. Besides handling things so tactfully this film maker is indulge in making repo with different leaders of various political parties and helping some veterans of politics to achieve their goals. Though he’s a self proclaimed secular and alleges that he’s above caste, creed and racism but his actions reflect contrary what he claims. For instance the State he has chosen as his political playground, he hardly shoots his films in its region while State Government is ready to provide all sorts of amenities required to any film maker. And, if film maker like him would ask for facilities what not would he get. Here, we are force to tell you a fact about Government initiatives that 200 Acre of land has been already acquired for film city.

Caste Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega !

Anyway, the film maker chooses to shoot his films in another State where environment and culture is almost same. In this State ruling party’s State Chief is a Member of Parliament and belongs to his community. He is accountable for the performance of party in the State probably that’s why this director is shooting back to back second film in the State with leading actors of the industry. Here, don’t forget that film shooting not only attracts people but generates opportunities for the local people. It is very much obvious that the film making process must be en-cashed in coming assembly election by that political party in order to retain power and State Party’s Chief would earn all sorts of credits. Shooting for the new film is in full swing.

One Thousand Tricks for The Goal !

Unfortunately, the populace of State is not being benefitted but they would be asked to make him win. Like his last film this film is also based on social issue and he once again cast the same actor of his expected constituency to allure the voters. Hopefully this time also he would organize success party on the success of his film. May God give the reward he deserves but, the people must be aware in order to choose their representative (especially in his case) and must not send him to the parliament because he could not do justice to it.

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